May 16, 2022

IMA907.jpgUmbrella Insurance

Umbrella coverage enhances or extends personal liablity protection for you auto and homeowners policies.  It gives you an extra layer of protection, beyond your limits already in place with your home and auto limits.  It will also give you more protection for any personal liablity exposure you may have:  RV, Boat,
Motorcycle, Golf Cart, ATV, Rental Property, etc.  In this day and age, it is imperative you have enough liablity protection.  You will be surprised how much a $1 Million umbrella policy will actually cost.  In most cases, a basic personal umbrella policy will cost you less than $150 per year. 

Basic Coverage

  • Gives you extra liablity coverage above and beyond what you already have on any of your personal policies

Optional Coverages

  • Home business protection
  • Rental property protection
  • Youthful drivers

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